for_____ on_____
open instrumentation, stereo sound
8 minutes

In for_____ on_____, any number of performers learn and reproduce an unknown audio score under a time pressure. The score is played openly to the audience, so that they also follow the learning process. The score is made up of field recordings, whilst the performers play traditional instruments. There is therefore a tension built into the piece, that the performers will strive for, but never fully be able to replicate, the score. At the end of the piece, the performers play their interpretation to the audience without the audio, transforming the score through their memory.

With each iteration of the piece, the title should be filled in with the names of the performers and date of performance.


Michael Baldwin, Peyee Chen, Rodrigo Constanzo
19/04/2015 resound: the image as burden, Huddersfield

Tim Cape, Edward Henderson
27/02/2015 Bastard Assignments, London

David Pocknee, Ruben Zilberstein
14/02/2015 Weisslich 2, London