Laughter Studies 1
two performers
11 minutes

In Laughter Studies 1, two performers describe and imitate an audio score using their voices. At first, the score consists of fast-changing field recordings – all manner of sounds from natural, physical, digital, and artificial realms. The focus then shifts to the sound of a jazz band, a home recording made by someone in the audience at the time. The final section explores the sounds of two different people crying. Throughout the piece, these materials are combined in different ways, are associated and dissociated with each other.

The Laughter Studies series is based around performers verbally describing and vocally imitating assembled collages of sounds communicated via headphones. The focus of the pieces is on each individual performer's spontaneous reactions to the sounds. In each case, their personal relationship with material from everyday life is foregrounded.


Plus Minus
09/10/2019 University of Surrey, Guildford

Louis d'Heudieres, Mayah Kadish
13/04/2019 the billion year spree, Flat Time House, London

Parkinson Saunders
30/10/2018 Borealis Listening Club, Bergen

25/05/2017 Espace des Arts Sans Frontières, Paris

15/05/2017 No Hay Banda, Montreal

We Spoke
02/08/2016 Darmstadt Ferienkürse für Neue Musik Open Space

Louis d'Heudieres, Gwen Rouger
09/06/2016 Fragile Strength, Cité des Arts, Paris

Juliet Fraser, Jennifer Walshe
02/02/2016 Kammer Klang, Cafe Oto, London
19/04/2016 Hear And Now, BBC Radio 3 [broadcast]

Antonia Barnett-McIntosh, Joseph Houston
30/10/2015 Hauskonzert, Berlin