Laughter Studies 2
two performers
9 minutes

Laughter Studies 2 is a kind of companion piece to 1. It is also written for two performers, and explores similar material – field recordings, musical sounds, emotional sounds – which the two performers describe and imitate. The recordings are taken from a range of sources, including holidays in France, dérives around London, internet sound libraries, and record collections. They are combined and recombined in various configurations, before finally settling on the basic emotional binary pair crying/laughing.

The Laughter Studies series is based around performers verbally describing and vocally imitating assembled collages of sounds communicated via headphones. The focus of the pieces is on each individual performer's spontaneous reactions to the sounds. In each case, their personal relationship with material from everyday life is foregrounded.


Julie Nesher, Julia Masli
27/07/2019 London Experimental Variety Show

Nick Photinos, Julia Wolfe
22/07/2019 Bang On A Can Summer Festival, New York

New Music Detroit
30/05/2019 Hamtramck, Michigan

Louis d'Heudieres, Mayah Kadish
13/04/2019 Flat Time House, London

Ben Zucker, Rosie Middleton
30/07/2018 Banff Centre for the Arts

Naomi Woo, Stephanie Lamprea
06/06/2018 Talking Together, Spectrum, New York

Ensemble Tzara
23/05/2018 CX#3 Anytime, Anywhere, Basel
22/05/2018 CX#3 Anytime, Anywhere, Solothurn
21/05/2018 CX#3 Anytime, Anywhere, Zurich

ensemble x.y
18/02/2017 Leyden Gallery, London

Antonia Barnett-McIntosh, Joseph Houston
08/01/2017 Studio 8, Berlin

Tim Parkinson, Angharad Davies
27/11/2016 Camden Peoples Theatre, London

Charlie Sdraulig, Jessie Marino
30/04/2016 people making sounds, CCRMA, Palo Alto

Weston Olencki, Fonema Consort
21/04/2016 Mana Contemporary, Chicago

Michael Baldwin, Samuel Stoll
20/02/2016 BUZZED, Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester

Louis d'Heudieres, Alice Purton
09/01/2016 Weissich 5, Hundred Years Gallery, London