Laughter Studies 3
three performers
10 minutes

Laughter Studies 3 explores in more depth than 1 and 2 the idea of imitating emotion-laden, human-produced sounds that usually occur spontaneously or involuntarily. Starting with many different examples of laughing and crying, the score then fixates on one sample of someone crying, stretching it out it until it resembles a long wailing glissando. More descriptions of laughing and crying are illustrated with imitations of field recordings that could be reminiscent of them with a bit of imagination (a high squeaky toy for crying, for instance). The piece ends with increasingly long sequences of disconnected field recordings, which all three performers imitate together.

The Laughter Studies series is based around performers verbally describing and vocally imitating assembled collages of sounds communicated via headphones. The focus of the pieces is on each individual performer's spontaneous reactions to the sounds. In each case, their personal relationship with material from everyday life is foregrounded.

Originally written for Retro Disco.


Plus Minus
28/11/2019 Reid School of Music, Edinburgh

Juxtatonal + Zoulek
15/11/2019 Detroit Institute of Art
10/11/2019 Listin Loon, Cincinnati
09/11/2019 Narloch Piano Studio, Chicago
07/11/2019 Wauwatosa Historical Society, Milwaukee
06/11/2019 Elastic Arts, Chicago
05/11/2019 UWGB Weidner Center, Green Bay
04/11/2019 The Boxcar, Chicago

08/09/2019 Qubit, New York

Line Upon Line Percussion
13/03/2019 SXSW, Austin

19/06/2017 Talking Heads, Southampton

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25/14/2017 La Maltérie, Lille

28/11/2016 Labor Sonor, Berlin

Weston Olencki + scapegoat
23/10/2016 Spectrum, New York

Louis d'Heudieres, Weston Olencki, Charlie Sdraulig
02/08/2016 Darmstadt Summer Course Open Space

Charlie Sdraulig, Jessie Marino
03/06/2016 Artists Live Here, Oakland

Parkinson Saunders
14/05/2016 Basel

Retro Disco
08/05/2016 Zurich