Laughter Studies 4
solo vocalist, jazz trio, mixed ensemble
14 minutes

Laughter Studies 4 involves three groups (soloist, jazz trio, mixed ensemble) who each interpret an audio score either vocally or through their instruments. The sonic material shifts from everyday sounds and field recordings, to a disjointed jazz groove, to music of the so-called great repertoire: Bruckner, Wagner, Mahler and so on. This last set of material sets up expectations of musical greatness that the musicians may or may not fulfill.

The Laughter Studies series is based around performers verbally describing and vocally imitating assembled collages of sounds communicated via headphones. The focus of the pieces is on each individual performer's spontaneous reactions to the sounds. In each case, their personal relationship with material from everyday life is foregrounded.

This piece was written for ensemble x.y.


ensemble x.y
12/05/2017 Filthy Lucre, London
20/05/2016 I'Klectik, London